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What is Biophilic Design? | Everliving Greenery Blog
What is Biophilic Design?

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

Think of Biophilic Design as a way of reintroducing nature back into our lives in a substantial way. Born out of the growing trend towards green architecture which works to decrease environmental impact, biophilic design works to bring us closer to nature.

Or bring us back to nature

Humans evolved within the natural world, and it is only recently in our human history that we moved away from the natural and now spend most our time in a modern, human created world. We live in contained spaces, away from nature. Biophilic design seeks to reacquaint us with the nature world.

The result is not only beautiful buildings, it’s also so much more than that.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of plants in the workplace on our blog, and that’s exactly what biophilic design seeks to nurture.

Biophilic Design in the workplace

The focus of this type of design is connecting us to those aspects of nature that improve our wellbeing. Plants have been shown to have a positive impact on our health, fitness, and they just make us feel better. Imagine an office that is engaging with nature at all times, within a building design to foster that interaction.

Productivity within the workspace could reach new heights. And while a more inspired workforce is great, as an office plant rental service we are always excited when people embrace more nature in their life.

We’re excited to see how this new design trends changes the landscape!

Interested in learning more? If you live in the Chicago area the Chicago Botanical Garden is hosting a screening of the documentary Biophilic Design: the Architecture of Life. Learn more here