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Everliving Greenery has been providing tropical office plant service and rental programs for businesses in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs since 1980. We can design a plant rental program or plant service program to enhance any office space. Plants add a vibrant, attractive appearance to the otherwise sterile office environment. Our staff will keep your plants looking great. Our plant rental service includes a replacement guarantee: we’ll change any plant under our care that becomes unattractive immediately at no additional charge.

You can call or email us to set up a convenient time for our design professional to look at your office and tailor a proposal to your space or receive more information. We also do comparison proposals for those who currently have an interiorscape program with another vendor.

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We're Experts At Placing & Servicing Plants

We’ll help you choose the right varieties and quantities of plants to add a beautiful touch to your office. A professionally designed plant program will be appreciated by both visitors and employees. Plus plants actually help clean the air!

Our Philosophy

People enjoy being surrounded by beautiful, thriving plants. Interior landscapes provide a visual and mental boost to folks who work and live with plants. We un-complicate the process by providing everything needed for our clients to enjoy interior greenery without the time and hassle involved in their upkeep. Let our experienced team offer you the best in plant services, including plant maintenance & plant rental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our lease programs include beautiful plants, a wide range of modern container styles and colors, maintenance service, and a replacement guarantee. The monthly price is based on the number and sizes of the plants chosen.  Our typical term is one to three years.

Our sales representative personally visits prospective clients to understand how they want to enhance their office with plants.  We then propose the ideal numbers, types, and sizes of plants and decorative containers to beautify the space.

The tropical plants Everliving Greenery uses are grown by the finest nurseries in Florida, Hawaii, and California and shipped weekly to our Palatine facility. We specifically choose and clean each plant before delivery so that the foliage we install will be impressive.

There are two main light sources: windows/skylights with natural light and artificial lighting.  Plants need to be very close to a natural light source to be able to use it for photosynthesis.  When strong natural light is available, we have a wider range of plant varieties to choose from (see medium and high light plant galleries).  When plants receive primarily artificial (usually fluorescent) light, we rely on what we call low light plants (click to see plant gallery photos).

Yes.  Light drops off significantly the farther it travels from the source, be it natural window light or artificial light.  We can measure the light at the location of the plant by using a light meter that measures in foot candles (the amount of light a candle illuminates on foot away).  The amount of foot candles available is a big determinate in what types of plants will prosper in the location.