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Image of wilting plant with the question: What's wrong with my indoor plant? | Everliving Greenery Chicago Plant Rental Blog
What’s wrong with my indoor plant?

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

For those who don’t really have a green thumb, plant care usually begins and ends with watering. If your plants have a problem, it’s either too much or not enough water. Luckily, we have 2 green thumbs and 8 green fingers each, so we know that there are a few more things that can be wrong with your plant.

Is it in the right light?

How to tell if your plant is getting too much light

A tell-tale sign of a plant that is coping with too much light is a fading of the green color on the leaves. This discoloring is a result of heat damage to photosynthetic process. Another sign can sometimes be droopy leaves (wilting because of insufficient water is usually the culprit for this one). When it is too much light, the leaf is drooping to reduce the amount of surface that light is hitting.

How to tell if your plant isn’t getting enough light

Does your plant look like it’s on the run? Plants who seem to be leaning towards the light source are shouting out for more access to the source, and will actually start growing in that direction.

Is your plant getting enough nutrients?

The wrong nutrient levels can be affecting your indoor plants. As a result your plant may look pale or sickly. To remedy this, try replacing your soil with one rich in nitrogen.

Determining what’s wrong with your plants.

How to kill a plant – death by light.