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Plant Profile: Neoregelia Plants

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The Neoregelia is one of our favorite plants. They are great indoor plants from the Bromeliaceae, or Bromeliad family. This plant family contains almost 3,500 species (including the pineapple) and are known for vibrant coloring and dramatic shape.

The overlapping leaf design of many bromeliad plant leaves allows them to store water. This interesting leaf design turns the neoregelia in a watering hole for many animals, including: salamanders, tree frogs, and crabs.

Basic Plant Care for Neoregelia plants


Water the center of the plant, keeping the urn ¼ full. Be sure to flush the urn with fresh water every month. Keep the roots moist, but allow to dry thoroughly between watering.


Avoid direct sunlight, as it will cause your neoregelia to burn. We recommend a bright natural light.


Bromeliads such as Neoregelia will need to be brought inside during the winter months. They do well between 50 °F and 90 °F
One of our favorite office rental plants is a member of the Bromeliads. The Neoregelia Green Apple are a great addition to any space, but we really love the stunning statement they make within an office environment. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your Chicago Office Décor give us a call and find out it a Neoregelia plant is right for you.
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