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Low Cost Way to Boost Productivity in the Office | Everliving Greenery Blog
A low cost way to boost productivity in your office

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

A recent article from the New York Times highlighted something that our team at Everliving Greenery has quite an interest in – biophilic design.  The article discusses an architecture firm in Manhattan that has welcomed green design into their offices, literally.

They’ve filled their office space with plants.

It’s no surprise why. Adding plants to your office has shown to be an effective concentration booster. From the article: “people who worked in offices with leafy green plants concentrated better and were 15 percent more productive than those who went about their day in spartan offices without them.”

Whether you ask your employees to bring in plants from home, or hire a plant rental company, adding plants to your office is a must when you consider the advantages that the impact of a relatively low-cost improvement will have on your workforce.

The same article also notes that, “Levels of the stress hormone cortisol tend to be higher in enclosed spaces like office cubicles that are artificially lit and deprived of outside views. Poor ventilation — which is common in many older office buildings — raises the levels of carbon dioxide, which studies have shown can impair cognitive performance and dampen mood.”
Plants can filter out many unhealthy gasses found in office spaces, and they also look great. If you are interested in an office plant rental service contact us today.

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