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Consider sending plants to the office this time

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

If you work in an office space you’ve watched as your co-workers (and most likely yourself) have been congratulated, celebrated, and wooed with the delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But we’re here to convince you to upgrade this traditional practice with a little bit of practicality. Forgo that temporary flower arrangement for a permanent office fixture and send that special someone a plant as your next office gift.

Plants you say?

Indeed we do! A flower arrangement is always a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but it also one that has an expiration date. On the other hand, office plants provide long-lasting beauty. And if you don’t have a green thumb there are great office plant rental companies out there who not only help you choose and install office plants, they can also maintain them!

Another reason to consider sending an office plant over a flower arrangement is sensitivity. When we say sensitivity we don’t mean a jealous co-worker, what we’re talking about is flowers with a strong scent. No one wants their anniversary bouquet to send their fellow employees into sneezing fits.

Do you know that plants don’t just look great and last longer than flowers, they have been shown to benefit the office in a multitude of ways? Plants can actually absorb unhealthy gases such as those found in plastics, cigarette smoke, detergent, cleaners, cosmetics, and pesticides, making the air cleaner. They can also help boost productivity and even help you feel better!

So when that next birthday, anniversary, or occasion comes around, consider sending your special someone an office plant. And if you’re looking to make an even bigger impact on the office, consider hiring a plant rental company to transform that dull, dreary workplace into a green space that encourages health and creativity.

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