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Modern Abstractions: Combining modern design with tropical plants

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

As a Chicago area plant rental company, we are very interested in the latest design trends. One of our favorites has always been the combination of natural plants life and modern architectural. The contrast between the clean lines that are a trademark of modern design and the natural design of plant growth combine to create stunning impressions for homes, offices, and outdoor spaces.
One of our favorite combinations is geometric patterns and tropical plants.
Geometric Patterns
This restaurant and in Ho Chi Minh City was converted from a home that opened onto an alleyway into a beautiful space surrounded by geometric panels with glass insets. Set against these glass walls are flourishing tropical plants. The result is a clean space where lights plays against the greens and glass.
Tropical Plants
The natural color variety and uniqueness of design found in tropical plants make them one of the most sought-after varieties when complimenting modern design. Here in Chicago, as the weather turns colder, there is nothing like an indoor tropical plant or two to help remind us of sunnier days. Many people think it is hard to care for tropical plants in northern states, when in actuality it is just a matter of placing them in the right space and following care instructions.

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