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Green Office Plant - Benefits of Plants in the Chicago Office Rental
Benefits of Plants in the Office – Cleaner Indoor Air

By Steve Fahrner | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

Let’s be honest. Those of us who work in an office end up spending more than 40 hours a week in our workspaces. We bring little bits of our personality to our offices spaces: family pictures, our favorite pens, perhaps little trinkets. When decorating your office don’t neglect to add office plants. The Benefits of Plants in the office are many faceted. Our blog will feature a series of reasons to include plants in your office, and today we are talking about a great benefit to office plants – Cleaner Indoor Air

Add a Pothos and breathe easy

If you were paying attention in your middle school science class you may remember that plants grow through photosynthesis by converting light and carbon dioxide into chemical energy. However, you may not know that it has been discovered that carbon dioxide isn’t the only gas that plants absorb.

Scientists (including those at NASA) have found that plants are able to absorb unhealthy gases such as those found in plastics, cigarette smoke, detergent, cleaners, cosmetics, and pesticides. Exposure to these indoor air pollutants are linked to health conditions including cancer, asthma and other respiratory illness, and nausea.

Best office plants

The NASA Clean Air Study has compiled a complete list (hardcore plant nerds can find the full NASA report here) of plants that remove unhealthy gases from the air. Below you will find our list of the best office plants to improve air quality for Chicago area offices. These plants also grow well in low light conditions.