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Introducing the Everliving Greenery Team

Everliving Greenery - Chicago Office Plant Rental Staff
The Everliving Greenery Staff: Cary, Laura, Steve and Noreen

We’re a team of horticultural experts operating in the Chicago, IL suburbs since 1980. Our employees have an average of 20 years experience with Everliving Greenery. We provide the best interior landscape service available because we have a true desire to keep the plants under our care healthy and attractive all times.

We have experience cultivating plants in every kind of indoor environment. Also important in providing good service is the ability to navigate the corporate office environment. Our people are personable, discreet, and thorough. We know how to service business accounts.  We understand how to create, implement, and maintain the best Chicago interior landscapes.

Everliving Greenery - Steve Fahrner

Steve Fahrner

Owner and President

Steve Fahrner is the owner and president of Everliving Greenery, Inc. The company was founded by Noreen Fahrner, Steve’s wife, in 1980. Steve has a degree in business and initially worked as manager at a local audio equipment distributor after graduation from college. The exposure and experience of that small business led him to realize that he would like to run his own company so he started working with Noreen at Everliving Greenery in 1981.

There are many jobs Steve performs at EG including sales, administration, and horticulture services for clients. When employees are on vacation, Everliving Greenery’s clients are used to seeing him arrive to fill in doing plant care. Horticulture is addictive so he also tends a large landscape of perennial plants in his Palatine yard.

Steve insists the most important business lesson he’s absorbed is the importance of outstanding customer service. Because he runs his own business and deals with vendors, he realizes that great customer attention is vital to retaining clients and generating new business.

Steve is the bass player in the classic rock cover band Second Time Around and plays many shows during the year. Here’s a link to the band’s

Everliving Greenery - Noreen Fahrner


Team Member Since 1980

Noreen, wife of Steve Fahrner, is the founder of Everliving Greenery. After coaching gymnastics for years, Noreen has now taken a more active role in Everliving Greenery. In addition to horticultural duties, Noreen is the designer and coordinator of Everliving Greenery’s incredible holiday decoration rentals.

Noreen’s interest in plants includes membership in the University of Illinois Master Gardener program.

Everliving Greenery - Laura


Team Member Since 1986

Laura is truly passionate about plants. She has a knack for discovering plants that will thrive in difficult situations because she really understands horticulture. She’s in charge of our north and northwest suburban accounts.

Laura is an incredible listener and is great at understanding and implementing our client’s desires.

Everliving Greenery - Cary


Team Member Since 1995

Cary is a personable and conscientious plant expert. Like everybody at EG, his work with plants has developed to a personal hobby of a plant collection at his home. He’s in charge of our accounts in the western suburbs and the O’Hare area.

Cary is also a talented drummer and plays in various rock and jazz bands around Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lease programs include beautiful plants, a wide range of modern container styles and colors, maintenance service, and a replacement guarantee. The monthly price is based on the number and sizes of the plants chosen.  Our typical term is one to three years.

Our sales representative personally visits prospective clients to understand how they want to enhance their office with plants.  We then propose the ideal numbers, types, and sizes of plants and decorative containers to beautify the space.

The tropical plants Everliving Greenery uses are grown by the finest nurseries in Florida, Hawaii, and California and shipped weekly to our Palatine facility. We specifically choose and clean each plant before delivery so that the foliage we install will be impressive.

There are two main light sources: windows/skylights with natural light and artificial lighting.  Plants need to be very close to a natural light source to be able to use it for photosynthesis.  When strong natural light is available, we have a wider range of plant varieties to choose from (see medium and high light plant galleries).  When plants receive primarily artificial (usually fluorescent) light, we rely on what we call low light plants (see plant gallery photos).

Yes.  Light drops off significantly the farther it travels from the source, be it natural window light or artificial light.  We can measure the light at the location of the plant by using a light meter that measures in foot candles (the amount of light a candle illuminates on foot away).  The amount of foot candles available is a big determinate in what types of plants will prosper in the location.