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Free Consultation

  • Set up an appointment for us to visit your office.
  • We will understand your facility and requirements.
  • Our sales person will determine quantities, sizes, and types of plants that will most benefit the ambiance of the office
  • Remember you are a big part of this process. Your vision and desires are taken in to account.
  • Depending upon your corporations budget we will design and bid.

Cilck Here to Contact us. We will work with you to craft a unique, custom interior plantscape that’s sure to please your clients, employees, and guests.

Interior Plantscape design

Selecting the proper interior plant requires experience. There are many aspects that go into selecting the right interior plant for an office. For instance Lighting, lighting is a major issue. The team’s knowledge of indoor office plants and what each interior plants light requirements are, is in its self a lot to remember. The placement of plants is a process. And if not done right can be a costly investment.