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Plant Profile: Dracaena

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The Dracaena plant family comprises approximately 120 species of trees and succulent shrubs. Most dracaena plants are native to Africa. A small number of them originate in the area between southern Asia and Northern Australia.

Caring for your Dracaena Plant


Dracaena Plants love bright lights, but be sure they are filtered by a sheer curtain.


Prune your dracaena to keep its height under control. Soil should always be moist. Be aware that overwatering can cause a Dracaena to rot. A sign of this is often a yellowing at the tips of the leaves. If the rot spreads to the cane they can start to smell moldy.


Apply a houseplant fertilizer during the spring and summer months, feeding every 2 weeks. In the fall only fertilize once a month, and in the winter, avoid fertilizing.

Our Favorite Dracaenas

Dracaena Marginata – also known as Dragon Tree

This particular Dracaena finds its origins in Madagascar, and can grow to be up to 8 feet in height. Actually, in the right conditions (within a tropical rainforest) it can grow to be 20 feet! Be aware that the leaves of this plant are poisonous to dogs and cats, making it a better office plant than houseplant.

Dracaena Warneckii

Native to the tropical regions of Africa, Dracaena Warneckii plants have leaves that look sword-like, coming to a sharp point at the tip. A white or green stripe on the leaves creates a distinct look that is a great addition to your office.


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