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Making a Space for Nature in the Office | Everliving Greenery Blog
Making a Space for Nature in the Office

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

In the balance of nature and technology it seems like tech is always winning the battle. It’s no wonder, as technology finds a way into every part of our lives we become more and more attached to our screens. However, making room for the inspiring and motivating influence of nature in our lives demands consideration.

Making a space for nature in the work environment can be as simple as bringing in a grouping of potted plants. In fact, there are many plant rental companies who provide this service. They provide and maintain your plants, while your office takes advantage of the benefits:

Bringing plants into the office is a great way to balance nature and technology, but that’s just the beginning:

  • Welcome natural light into work-spaces by creating open spaces. Avoid blocking windows with office furniture.
  • Encourage your employees to take breaks outside
  • Create quiet spaces for relaxation
  • Decorate your office with natural elements
  • Add water features

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