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Office worker holding a sign that say Happiness + Plants = Productivity | Cheap ways to increase productivity in the office
Cheap ways to increase productivity in the office

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

1. Encourage productive office socialization

A team that enjoys each other’s company is always a great productivity booster. One way to get your team together is engaging in group activities. Volunteering is one of our favorite options. Your employees will work together, connect with their community, and bring that feel-good attitude back to the workplace.

2. Foster happiness in your office

Productivity and happiness go hand in hand. Studies have shown that happy employees get stuff done.

Ways to increase employee happiness

• Recognize employee progress
• Treat your employees with respect
• Communicate openly with your staff
• Provide growth opportunities

… and speaking of growth opportunities

3. Fill your office with plants

Plants in the office provide so many wonderful benefits. One of our favorite things about plants is that they make us feel better. And when we feel better our happiness increases. And when we’re happier in the office? You guessed it, our productivity increases!

Here are just a few ways plants make us feel better

• They improve well-being
• They increase attentiveness

Our Chicago area plant rental business can help fill your office with green, beneficial, happiness boosting plants! Contact us today and ask about our affordable lease options. We are sure to have the right program for your unique office space.