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Spring plants for your office | Everliving Greenery Office Plant Rental
Celebrate Spring with plants for your office

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

Spring is here! It may still be chilly here in the Chicago area, but soon the temperatures will become more mild, we’ll have more days of sunlight, and we’ll start to see beautiful flowers in bloom. As a plant office rental company, we live for spring.

One of our favorite ways to celebrate is by bringing color into your workplace. We love transforming dull office into inspiring green spaces with the simple addition of office plants. But why stop there? An office re-decoration project will create a welcome change for your employees and visitors alike.

Is it time for an office redecoration?

Your office is your second home, shouldn’t it feel like that? A fresh paint job, colorful seating, and wall décor that makes your office space modern and inviting is a great start. Consider painting a feature wall with one of the colors from your logo.

Brighten up your office by replacing your older light bulbs with LEDs. They save more energy and can help give your space a modern feel. Now that you can see better, take some time to declutter your office space.

Welcome the outdoors in by introducing the perfect plants for your office space. Plants are known to increase both creativity and productivity of your employees. And that’s not all, plants are the ultimate multi-taskers. While they influence your employees they also improve air quality in your office.

Looking for a plant rental company?

Our office plant rental company can help transform your office space and welcome Spring into your workspace. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you determine which plants will thrive in the light conditions of your office, and which planters work with your design. After installation, we will maintain your plants.

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