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Benefits of hiring a plant rental company

By rgbadmin | Chicago Office Plant Rentals News | 0 Comments

We’ve talked about the benefits of plants in the office. We’ve discussed the health and productivity increases that can result from plants in the work space, but let’s talk about the benefits of a plant rental for your office.

Plant Rental vs Plant Purchase

Plant Rental is Cost Effective

Purchasing new plants for your office is not the same as buying a new piece of office furniture. A plant will require attention, care, proper watering, lighting, and maintenance to keep bringing that fresh splash of green to the office. Don’t forget that stunning new container, and you will also need to consider transportation for your new office plants.

Purchasing enough plants to make a statement in your office can quickly become costly. A plant rental company saves you money by ensuring that splash of green doesn’t become a tumble of brown, wasting your green in the process.

Plant Rental gives you the freedom to change things up

Were you certain that anthurium plants were exactly what your office needed, but a month later realized you had made a horrible mistake? When you source your plants from a plant rental service a change in scenery is just a phone call away. From anthurium to neoregelia, or even dracaena, a plant rental company gives you the freedom to change it up.

Their design experience can help you discover which plants will look best for your unique space. They can determine and provide the right plant container for your space. And when you’re looking for a new look, your plant rental company is just a phone call away.

Looking for a plant rental company in the Chicago area?

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